Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to MPRView !

Music, politics and remote viewing may seem an unlikely combination. But these have been my passions and so here they are, together.

Although the bubbles above indicate otherwise, the blog will be mainly about Remote Viewing. Why? Because it is profound and paradigm-challenging. Amazing, subtle, unexpected, at the margins of current science, but very real indeed. (Check out TKR for the best online RV portal.)

For a very comprehensive lists of links to remote viewing sites, please see the Links section of the blog. I will update the list from time to time.

Although Remote Viewing - and the image above - may seem romantic, 'new agey', I did devote more than 20 years to Left politics, activism and theory too - very earthbound indeed! To my mind, each has something to contribute to bringing about a better world. If we can but do it.

Then the big bubble - Music. I've always liked rock and classical music and I love to compose ("modern classical"). Nothing I'd rather be doing, actually.

Finally, I have spent many years typing away - as a medical transcriptionist, now fully (Feb. 2010) retired. Out of that work grew my web site on typing productivity, including ABCZ Software. Anyone who does repetitive typing may want to check out the site (see Links).

- Jon

P.S. Many thanks to Daz Smith for customizing the above dream scape!