Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Applied Precognition Conference - a terrific success!

The APP Workshop/Webinar/Conference in Las Vegas wrapped up yesterday. Marty Rosenblatt, Tom Atwater and Chris Georges of the APP put it together and all credit to them for an amazing event!

Joe McMoneagle, Ed May, and Marty Rosenblatt gave inspired presentations and explored their agreements and differences in detail – vigorously. Joe and Ed are forces of nature and dialog was spirited, open and… fun. Yes, fun. Joe and Ed insist on having a good time and made it fun for all of us as well. Joe did not stint of his time and was constantly telling stories, educating, and hands-on the entire time – scheduled time and meals as well.

Probably the most educational four days I’ve experienced since my first week in Basic Training in the Army. An emphatic and new perspective, taxing days, and a lot of discipline – with McMoneagle as the Drill Sergeant. The difference – this was a heckuva lot of fun.

Nancy Smith, Alexis Poquiz, Tom Atwater, Chris Georges and I gave presentations as well. Joe commented that Alexis’ Dung Beetle was “an amazing piece of work”. The DB utilizes “machine learning” and takes the SRI scale (often called the Targ scale) several steps further.

In a very fine Webinar, Dean Radin gave us insights into his new book Supernormal, due out in July. He presented an updated overview of a great deal of precognitive research.

We were in Vegas, after all, and so we did end up doing sessions, making picks and wagering on three games using several methods: the APP 1ARV Wild Card method, Ed May’s software (which eliminates human judging of the data once it is entered), and two quick “old fashioned” ARV trials without a computer that Joe ran. We had three hits, a few passes, no misses. One brave soul won $545 on a single game.

New groups are forming in the APP and there was a lot of enthusiasm for making this a yearly event.

If interested in finding out more about the APP, groups that are forming, etc., email Marty Rosenblatt, Chris Georges or Tom Atwater or visit the APP web site.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Focus, draw and get instant feedback on new RV site

There's a nifty new site by Scott Davis to practice RV with quick feedback:  RV Practice Site

I tried the revised version just now and got this. No cooldown, just a quick focus on what the target might be, grab the mouse and draw. You can also enter text data if you like. Considering I drew it with my non-dominant hand, I'll take it.

It illustrates one of the kinds of sketching error Ingo Swann discusses in his seminal book - "Natural ESP: A Layman's Guide to Unlocking the Extra Sensory Power of Your Mind" (1987 and hard to find a copy).  I'll be presenting on this subject at the Applied Precognition Project Conference/Webinar/Workshop in Las Vegas starting June 19.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Example of an ARV drawing for the Applied Precognition Project in May 2013. The drawing, while crude, captures two of the main features of the "Wild Card" photosite: the horizontal lines of the artificial snow and small black figures. The third major feature, the ski lift, does not appear in the session data (this is not uncommon). The entire session took less than 10 minutes. This match was striking enough for me to score this Wild Card session 5.0 (high) on the 7-point Targ scale, suggesting that this session matched the photosite that did NOT actualize (the "Wild Card"). This implied that the other session and photosite represented the actual outcome of the event. The judges scored a hit on this event by picking the event associated with the other photosite. For details of the 1ARV protocol and examples ARV4Fun or Marty Rosenblatt's website.