Friday, April 8, 2011

Red Sox Anthem

This blog is about Music (composing), Politics and Remote Viewing (MPRV) and it's about time for my first post on music.

I'm a very long-time Red Sox fan and made a video titled "Red Sox Anthem". I composed the music in a program called Notion, which is one of the very best - if you know anyone who wants to or does compose music. Notion works with music notation and has a very user-friendly note entry system, samples of the London Symphony Orchestra, a good mixer, and many other fine features.

I posted it to Youtube and it now has about 1100 hits. I guess people are surfing "red sox" now that the season has begun. This is a tad short of the 300,000,000+ hits that Lady Gaga's Bad Romance has. But what's a poor boy from Beantown to do?!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

An example of remote viewing: The Nina Reiser Case

Although remote viewing has been in the public eye since about 1995, after all these years, it is difficult to find online a detailed report of a real world remote viewing project with a confirmable objective or target. The following is one such report.

The Aurora Remote Viewing Group (2006-2009) remote viewed the disappearance of Nina Reiser and we compiled the following extensive report. I was the project manager.

The report covers the basics of RV with examples from sessions in the context of our efforts to assist in solving the tragic disappearance of Nina Reiser.

The report is available on Daz Smith's blog, Cosmic Spoon:

and Teresa Frisch's web site, Aesthetic Impact: