Friday, April 8, 2011

Red Sox Anthem

This blog is about Music (composing), Politics and Remote Viewing (MPRV) and it's about time for my first post on music.

I'm a very long-time Red Sox fan and made a video titled "Red Sox Anthem". I composed the music in a program called Notion, which is one of the very best - if you know anyone who wants to or does compose music. Notion works with music notation and has a very user-friendly note entry system, samples of the London Symphony Orchestra, a good mixer, and many other fine features.

I posted it to Youtube and it now has about 1100 hits. I guess people are surfing "red sox" now that the season has begun. This is a tad short of the 300,000,000+ hits that Lady Gaga's Bad Romance has. But what's a poor boy from Beantown to do?!


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