Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Example of an ARV drawing for the Applied Precognition Project in May 2013. The drawing, while crude, captures two of the main features of the "Wild Card" photosite: the horizontal lines of the artificial snow and small black figures. The third major feature, the ski lift, does not appear in the session data (this is not uncommon). The entire session took less than 10 minutes. This match was striking enough for me to score this Wild Card session 5.0 (high) on the 7-point Targ scale, suggesting that this session matched the photosite that did NOT actualize (the "Wild Card"). This implied that the other session and photosite represented the actual outcome of the event. The judges scored a hit on this event by picking the event associated with the other photosite. For details of the 1ARV protocol and examples ARV4Fun or Marty Rosenblatt's website.

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