Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A while ago I asked myself why I often listen late at night for an hour or so to "bracing music" - music which builds me up. For me, it's most often Sibelius, but also Procol Harum, rock/pop songs, Rachmaninoff, sometimes Mahler, and more. I think it's to counter all the negativity in the media and the world these days. Plus as a one-time Left activist and (still) a Marxist, you absorb a lot of negative news and history. So I've got a backlog. So this music for me is a balancing measure toward  a positive outlook.

In that vein, with all the attacks on simple truth, veracity, straightforward reporting of what's there, and esp. the gagworthy crapola from the current administration (not to mention the Right-wing echo chambers), "Nothing but the truth" just rings very true and feels very good.

Procol Harum: Nothing but the truth"

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