Saturday, August 5, 2017

Making a portal

I decided to create a more uptodate web site and link to my existing web sites (hosted by StartLogic). I considered WordPress, which is very flexible, but then decided to try Wix, which has a free version. (The link to the portal is in the Links section).

Wix is very easy to use - it took about 4.5 hours to put up the site with links to 120+, ABCZ, and other entries.

Starting in October I worked on a book on the remote viewing company called TransDimensional Systems and after about 8 months, it was done. I used CreateSpace, which is a kind of do it yourself site, to self publish it. I learned this weekend that about 750K titles are self published now each year! So it's clearly a very popular and increasingly acceptable way to publish. (The links to the Amazon and Kindle versions of Remote Viewing from the Ground Up are in the Links section.)

This is becoming a "literary year". Allison Hepler, a Professor in Maine had written a book about my mother and her case during the McCarthy era and Allison wrote me recently that she had finally found a publisher. The book will be out within a year.

In addition, my sister and I are going to be working on getting my father's autobiography, "Passing Through" published. Clive Knowles was a Unitarian minister turned Communist and CIO organizer. He was an organizer with oil workers in Texas, meatpackers in Iowa, farmworkers and carpenters in California. He led an amazing life.

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